middle aged woman,cough fever dyspnea on bronchodilators.no past h/o any major illness. plz interpret CXR.



H/O usage of bronchodilators itself is suggestive airway obstructive disease for eg. ,bronchial asthma.The mention of fever is sugg of superadded infection.Cough may be due to bronchial irritation (unproductive).In many cases of bronchial asthma x ray will be normal.

Scarring with old calcified foci left upper lung. Old PTB.

left upper zone calcified lesions with left lower zone haziness could be pneumonitis

Haziness rt base with some old calcified opacities in lt apex copd with chest infection

Thanx dr VedPrakashSharma

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Calcific lessons noted left upper (Apex) suggest old, healed lesions(Koch's). Increased bronchovascular markings noted in right hilar and left lower zone suggest bronchitis.Advised E.S.R, Sputum for AFB, CBP to exclude any reactivation of Koch's lesions or non-specific infection with bronchitis

Lt upper zone shows calcified lesions s/o old pth. Bilateral basal consolidation is seen So it bilateral basal pneumonitis . Do sputum culture and antibiotic sensitivity test . Rule out diabetes . Do HIV test.

B/L lower lobe haziness with left upper zone old calcified opacity PTB Adv CECT CHEST Sputum for AFB, R /M and C /S CBC ESR MT LFT creat urine r /m blood sugar fasting pp, ECG Tab augmentin 625mg BD Cap AB Phyline 100mg BD Syp macbary xT 2tsp tds Tab dolo 500mg tds Further management as per report

Calcified lesion in left lung in apex.left lower zone haziness is also present. Please go for routine blood and blood sugar examination. Go for sputum afb . Examination also.

Trachea central, both domes of diaphragm well defined, prominent brochovascular markings right lung, right hilar lymphadenopathy, scarring of right apex(calcified lesions), right basal LRTI, treat with appropriate antibiotics with brochodialators and symptoms, after asking for Sputum c/s, repeat skiagram after she fortnight

Ch.bronch.with emphysema. Laziness both lower zones

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