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Mild itching with swelling over the face 5days at present since 2months Daignosis and treatment,


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it's impetigo contagiosum.......gram stain negative.....pus culture shown staphylococcus species ...... moxclav given ..... patient improved

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Seborrheic dermatitis periorbital swelling

Looks like Contact dermatitis/ACD

Herpex zoster viruses..? Harpes feacie..? Allergic contact dermatitis..? Cosmetic Dermatitis..?

Cosmetic dermatitis. ? Allergic dermatitis. Antiallergics, NSAiDS. Clobestal ointment. Kaishore Guggal, haridra Khand, raktshodhak, helpful..

Cosmetic Dermatitis/Allergic Dermatitis.. Rx Fucid-h cream (fusidic acid+hydrocortisone) Avil tab...

Contact dermatitis

? ACD .. ? CD .. ? AD ..

Tnx Dr Rakesh Kayasth

Herpes zoster Cosmetic dermatitis Allergic inflamation

A C D Herpes zoster Allergic conjunctivitis Cosmetic dermatitis

Cosmetic allergy.. Impetigo contagiosum. Herpes fascie.

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