?MODY,T1DM ruled out as ketone-ve FCPD ruled out with USG W/A - Part 2

So this 8 year old female who was suspected as case of T1DM brought her Urine R,M report in which ketones were absent USG W/A - Pancreas were normal S. Urea and S.Cr are normal too (((Please note - She presented with complaints of weight loss, increased urination day and night, with HBa1c of 9.5, please check attached case below))) Chief Complaints She is taking some homeopathic medications after which she had 2 to 3 loose motions and has been having mild abdominal discomfort right from first visit Investigations Reports awaited are - ttg IGa Fasting C peptide GAD 65 Abs TSH Diagnosis So as per the reports I am suspecting this as a case of MODY Management She was given Glargine insulin 5 units in morning and her evening RBS was 98 mg/dl Tab Lanzol JR 15mg before bfast Syp Citalift 2tbsf TDS in cup of water


Cystitis Rx Look for urine routine examination, 1.Give Kanmadha Bhasma- 200mg+Rasa sindhooram 70mg with ginger juice and honey. 2. chandraprabha vati in Gokshura paneeyam. the above combination is found very effective in my practice.

DM thyroid are tuberculosis are to be investigated

Excellent approach Reduce dose by 2 keep fasting 140 ppbs 170 Better to have slight hyperglycemia

Ad strict control of diabetes

Tab Loperamide

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