Why sudden rise of cases of Mucomycosis ?

Most possible cause of sudden rise in cases of mucomycosis in covid treated patients of 2nd wave of Corona epidemic appears to be use of industrial oxigen. In first phase of Corona there was use of Medical Oxigen Ramdesivir, steroids, Fabiflu, Zinc and even more use of immuno-suppresant Tosibizulam. But no incidence of Mucomycosis was found in post covid patients of 1st wave. Patients affected in 1st wave were mainly of older age group who were having less inherent body immunity and more co morbid conditions. In second wave more young persons were infected with more inherent immunity and less co morbid conditions. All the drugs used in first wave were used with less use of immuno- suppressant Tosibizulam but more use of oxygen. Due to scarcity of oxigen some patients died and govt. ordered to stop use of all industrial oxigen and asked all oxygen producers to divert all the industrial oxigen for medical treatment. Industrial oxigen do not require aseptic precautions in its production, storage and transportation. Machines used for production of industrial oxigen do not require strict cleanliness or aseptic measures to prevent contamination by bacteria or viruses or fungi. This industrial oxigen was produced large volume and delivered for medical use for patients taking treatment with oxigen at home, covid care centers, in general wards or ICUs of hospitals to overcome the shortage of medical oxigen. Use of this contaminated industrial oxigen in oxigen cylinders or pipeline appears to be the primary cause of spread of mucomycosis and other fungi in covid recovered patients of 2nd wave as per my logical assumption. Dr. Navin D. Patel



Valid explanation Must be think about Beside this moisture in masks used and fungal contamination of humidifiers appears to be prominent causes Steroid and immunosuppressant appears to be targated more than logical explanation

Thanx dr Ramesh Patel

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It still under study,the correct cause of mucormycosis

Yes looks like Moisture

Valid explanation, still under study may be combined effect

Yes Doctor., For further investigation we need to rule out The patients who developed Mucormycosis even if the symptoms were mild enough to Not even consider O2 therapy And The ones who underwent 02 therapy via Concentrarors rather then Industrial oxygen...

I agree

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