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Roseola infantum

Mother brought her 3 month female baby with these rash for 2 days , increasing in size . Baby is otherwise active, happy, comfortable, taking feeds well EXCEPT MILD FEVER(98.8F). What is the diagnosis??


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Acute viral exanthematous fever

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Synthetic garment allergy. Viral fever.. Coz Urticarial rashes lead to child itchings and most uncomfortable .

Allergic contact dermatitis Zocon dusting powder

Urticaria rashes.. Management.. Syrup Atrax hydroxyzine BD.. Baby moisture lotion use.. Coconut oil use.. Alovira gel uses.. Diaper daily change.. Syrup orally Vitamin C.. Keep the skin area sterile gauges.. Clean skin regularly wet clothes sterliging..


Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

Urticaria Drug induced Viral exenthem

Viral exanthema Vasculopathy Urticaria Miliria rubra

Acute utricaria. Hydroxyzone drops 5mg 1ml bd for a week. Tetmasol soap or any other antibacterial baby soap. Calamine lotion application for a week bd daily. Maintain hygiene

Urticaria only Fever normal

Heat rashes,? Fabric rash(contact allergic rashes of wearing clothes),? Allergic to milk or any drug or vitamins supplement,? Viral rashes (Rosella) ??

Acute urticaria

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