Mouth Rashes- A New Symptom of COVID-19?

The coronavirus symptom list is growing. Along with the general flu symptoms, new symptoms that have been included are chills, loss of smell and taste, and now mouth rashes. As per a new study by doctors in Spain, rashes on the inside of the mouth that are clinically known as enanthem could be an added COVID-19 symptom. The new study was published in JAMA Dermatology on July 15. As many as 21 patients in the month of April were diagnosed and had skin rashes. Amongst those six patients (29%) had enanthem on the inside of their mouths. The study further read that the rash could appear anywhere from two days before the onset of other COVID symptoms to 24 days after, with 12 days as an average time. An enanthem is a rash typically small spots that are either reddish or white on the mucous membranes. It is very common in patients with viral infections like chickenpox and hand, foot, and mouth disease. It is characteristic of many viral rashes to affect mucous membranes.



Till the arrival or reporting of first case of corona Infection it is becoming very difficult to understand chronology and mode of transmission, signs and symptoms reporting daily ,area and age group ,male female ratio morbidity and mortality. What we were taught in medical school or learn after spending hours on epidemiology all seems wastage of time . Informative and useful educative post.

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Reddish/ congestive ,tubercles ,lesions seen on palate extending towards lips. Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you doctor

Nice information Sir Ji

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Now it is becoming difficult to understand the chronology of symptoms in covid19 Nice information

Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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New developments

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Its very interesting information.

Nice information.

Informative post


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