MOUTH ULCER since 3 months. Age40/F.. (apthous stomatitis) I have written this medicine to them 1)cefoperazine+sulbactum 2)candid b 3)pan d 4)Rebamipide 5)p.killer I think this is going towards carcinoma.. Give best suggestions....



Biopsy of ulcer is desirable

Thanks Dr. Sabista Naaz Dr. Ehtesham Ahmed

Cap doxycycin Tab metronidazole Multivitamin.. for 15 days Avoid spicy meals Rule out associated diseases like bechet, ibd, coeliac.. Conclude with biopsy

Send the pictures of ulcer, either if you are thinking for Malignancy then ask for BIOPSY

Its photo is not coming from mobile..

Any ulcer which don't heal in 3 weeks needs a biopsy doc

truly said mam

Send picture of ulcer is most Suggest FNAC/Biopsy Rx, Tab. Mosiba 2 tab twice daily Tab. Amoxicillin & clavulanic 1 tab thrice daily Hygina Gel apply on locally Cap. Becosule 1 cap od

Go for Biopsy, CBC, Blood sugar test. And also enquire patient whether she has any other systemic or digestive problems or have any habit of smoking / chewing guthka pan etc and whether she is taking any medications or not. Until final diagnosis will be made n till reports of biopsy will come till then prescribe following medications :- 1. Cap. Doxy L 100mg OD after lunch for 5days 2. Tab. Omnacortil 20mg OD after breakfast for 7 days 3. Tab. Lycolyfe BD for 7 days 4. Betadine mouthwash mouthrinsing thrice daily after meals n breakfast 5. Kenacort +Dologel application on the affected area thrice a day.

Advise Biopsy

Do biopsy to confirm diagnosis Ask for habits and weight loss

Thank you doctor

Please share Pics and site of ulcer...if it's smalller than 3-5 mm try for an excisional biopsy

Pics Any sharp tooth? FNAC Biopsy

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