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MR KAMLESHBHAI aged 62 years a fearful person ( FEARSOME) came to me day before for homoeopathic treatment as he had right sided lower chest pain.(SIDE RT). Due to his three children's who though they were married do not understood the earning, sending a lot disproportionate to wages and under huge daubt. My patient told me he was under great pressure and tensions (ANTICIPATION AGG). And sleeplost past couple of weeks (SLEEPLESS)AT 3AM HE wakes up and go on thinking SLEEPLESS CAUSE BY) FROM ABOVE CONVERSATION WITH RUBRICKS TAKEN CASE SOLED AS FOLLOWES. ARS ALB 200C SINGLE DOSE WAS PRESCRIBED WELL BEFORE AGG TODAY MORNING AT 9 AM HE REPORTED TO ME NO CHEST PAIN SINCE YESTERDAY 7 PM ON CLOSE QUESTIONS I LEART TO DAY HE WAS A FASTIDIOUS PERSON. LONG LIVE OUR HOMOEOPATHY AND HOMOEOPATHS PRACTICEING SUCH A SCIENCE FOR THE NOBEL CAUSE OF MANKIND.


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Phosphorus agaricus muscari,

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Phosphorus agaricus muscari,

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