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multipal management of desease.

FM ptn. age 38yrs.weight 70kg. Dosh traced Vatta,Pitt. teaching job,overcleaver,irregularity to tmt.Tmt. Started on 30.6.18 with complaints. 1.fatty liver gd1 2.Rt renal calculus 4mm 3.PCOD 4.Amal Pitt. tmt provided Gokhsuragiguggal guggal+Varuna tab.before meal with Chandra Asav+Neeri kft syp. Arogya Vardhani+punnervadi Mandoor with Punnervadi Asav. After 15 days added Sootshakher ras/LSS. in between ptn never usemed.conti nuesly. 2.9.18 USG reports clears all complaints.weight also reduced 7 kg.durong this period. Adv fr next 15 days Sarvtobhader vati & Medoher guggal for weight loss & Sarvtobhader for kidney safety. No.2 from ptn register(report lost) No.1 Xerox copy as recoverd ptn. just to share my SR/JR respt.DOC.


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Excellent job.... congratulations Sir. Thanks for sharing. I feel blessed by your inspiring comments. Thanks once again.

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Thanks ji Doctor Saheb for your valuable information...Great success..ji Saheb.... beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages... raddish flaxseed..til jeera... foxnuts chiaseeds soaked overnight methidana soaked overnight alternately sunshine walk prayers ginger figs guavasrgrapes dates apricots... pomegranatesmuskmelon...sweet potato corn sweet lime in morning... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval..under strict supervision of Doctor

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Excellent job.... congratulations Sir. Thanks for sharing. I feel blessed by your inspiring comments. Thanks once again.

Tnx fr co operative feelings Dr.Arun Chugh ji.

Nice insparation by my dear Dr.Arun Chugh ji.@Dr. Arun Chugh ji.

Excellent.... Thanks for sharing with us @Dr. S.k. Mudgal sir

Sir note it.Ha Ha Ha..You have quoted Excellent .lot of tnx.

श्री डॉ मुद्गल जी सादर अभिवादन आप का प्रयास सराहनीय है।धन्यवाद देता हूं।

Thank you doctor

Sir thanxx for sharing experiance apka anubhav hum logo k liye bahut mahtwapurn h aisay hi anubhav hm logo ko margdarshak k roop pe kafi help milti h

Dr.Gaur sahib Anubhav to hai hi Batney ki chij.Koe janega janen hara.God may bless.

Congratulations sir. .very good prognosis.

Lot of tnx sir.

Nice progress Dr ,,tqs for sharing

Sir tnx.

Congratulations Sir, Aap hum sab ke liye inspiration hain.

Dr.Divya Sharma I respect your ability.Be ahead god bless.

Congratulations sir. As usual you are great sir. Thanks for sharing your experience

My pleasure Dr.S.Khan ji.
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