Multiple around 30 40 corn like hard n painful since 3 months has no Ho of DM OR HTN or any other comorbidity...diagnosis n managment ???



I concur with all the dermatologists that's it's plantar warts or otherwise called mosaic warts Treatment Paring of thickened skin Apply 24% salicylic acid in night daily for 3 weeks Or Glycolic 70% acid Or TCA application and wrapped for occlusion. Repeat every 2 weeks till recovery. LP Nd YAG 1064nm laser is another choice which I am very happy. Levimisole tablets Zinc 200mg tablets Daily VIT C daily

Dr Prashanth, thank you for the accepting my views.

This is a case of Multiple plantar warts. Treatment is 1 Salicylic acid application 2 Cryosurgery 3 Electro surgery

Multiple cornsRx NoRx in Allopathy But in Home Tuja 30 potency tab 6 per day for six months can be taken any time One can take for even 1 to 2 years No side effects R noted

I would also suggest plantar warts


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plantar warts

Plantar wart Treatment U can start with immunotherapy every 2 weeks Cap zincolak /zincobest /any other zinc supplement Plus levamisole 150 mg pulse therapy.

This seems to be the beginning of plantar psoriasis or scleroderma.

Plantar wart

looks like actinomycosis... Sulfur granules are seen

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