Multiple cracked fissures involving bilateral soles and left palm for one month duration. It is pruritic. Diagnosis and management.



Dear Arnab, This seems like Dry skin with multiple cracks Palms and soles, Sign of Autonomic Neuropathy. May be Exfoliativa Keratolytis or DD would be Lichen Planus. Topical Moisturisers Lacto calamine. Topical steroids application. Oral antihistamine drugs. R/O DM Proper foot care and foot ware.

DD would be Palmo Plantar Psoriasis

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Palmoplantar psoriasis

palmoplantar psoriasis,soak in lukewarm saline water,application of topical steroid like clobetasol,urea+lactic acid containing moisturizer,advice wearing socks,adequate water intake.vita A suppliment

Dx as Vipadika. clean with vruna ropak dravya.then apply mahatikta lep.Triphala guggulu 1tid.if severe pain bleeding .swelling go to virechan and Raktamokshan karma

site of lesion is palm and plantar.. it is surely palmo plantar psoriasis but other d/d could be drug induced erythema multiforme atopic dermatitis contact dermatitis hand,foot mouth disease athletes foot dyshidrotic dermatitis palmo planter puatulosis according to Ayurveda.. it is vipadika... best treatment will be virechan... we hv treated many cases

Thank you

palmer planter psoriasis.. Rx....salycilic acid +coaltar combo application onces in aday,. urea +moisturizee combo onces in day,both simultaneously apply.. vit e cap ,omega2fatty acid oral... intake of water to kp skin hydrate plays imp role.. nd ofcourse sole nd hand gloves ...

Can u suggest any commercially available brands?

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palmo plantar psoriasis.

moisturex topical application twice daily. ...n....clop s twice daily.............n........oral anti histamine id.

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case of dry skin with multiple cracks possiblely due to hard job adv . clop-s cream and moisturising cream. use soft shoes and cotton socks

cloth shoes will be beneficial

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psoriasis palmo planter.Rx.1.keratolytic agent locally 2.steroids I/m3.antihistamines orally 4.moisturizers locally. 5.extract of wrightia tinctoria locally &orally. 5.vit E orally

Fungal infection, advised systemic anti fungal.

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