Multiple ganglion cysts

26/y/o female with multiple soft cystic swellings on both hands, palms, and dorsum of both feet since 15 years. They have increased in size and number over the time. On examination Bluish cystic swellings showed over the dorsal aspect of both hands, palms, and also on the ankles and dorsal aspect of both feet. The swellings were 2–5 cm in diameter, nontender, and were not attached to the underlying structures. Her earlier prescription from allopathy doctor states diagnosis as Ganglion Cyst She has been asked to take injections and follow repeated aspiration, but she dosen't want to follow that. Can we do anything in such cases?




Ganglion Cyst Treatment A ganglion cyst doesn’t need emergency treatment unless have significant trauma. A routine check by a specialist in bones and joints (an orthopedist) is often enough. Self-care at home:- If cyst isn’t bothering , may tell to keep an eye on it and be in touch if anything changes. Many cysts can disappear without any treatment at all. In the past, home care for these growths included topical plaster, heat, and various poultices. It even extended to use of a heavy book to physically smash the cyst. These forms of treatment are no longer suggested, because they have not been shown to keep the ganglion cysts from returning and could, in fact, cause further injury. Medical treatment If cyst is bothering , may recommend one of these treatments: Aspiration: With this procedure, a needle is placed into the cyst to draw the liquid material out. Then a steroid compound (anti-inflammatory) is injected into the area and the area is put in a splint to keep it from moving. Aspiration doesn’t remove the area that attaches the cyst to the joint, so they often return. Surgery: With this procedure, removes the cyst and the area around it that attaches it to the joint. may recommend surgery if aspiration hasn’t helped and the mass is painful, it interferes with function, it causes numbness or tingling of the hand or fingers.

40-50 percent of the time these resolve by self. else splinting, if need be aspiration and if severe accute can be excised surgically

Dear Dr. Vinod Mahajan Sir, Advice for the case. Advice to take Gaumutra 50ml BD. Do not use gaumutra Ark.

Surgeons Opinion Needed.

Rx Conium mac 1m/3dose weekly Thiocinaminum3x & CF6x /tds for 15 days

Conium 200

Calcaria Fluor 1 M monthly × 3 dose

Rx Cal sulph

I agree with Dr jyoti. mam

Rx cal. Flour 200

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