multiple lesions develop on back head having pain , pus filled, multiply vastly . also 7 month baby has a fever and excessive crying.... is there is possibility of MRSA..ideal choice of antibiotics in auch patient



Mupinase amoxclav

Ideal anti biotic for MRSA Linizolid ( lizolid 600 mg) But I may advice it as Furunculosis .it is a deep infection of the hair follicle leading to abscess formation with accumulation of pus and necrotic tissue. Furuncles appear as red, swollen, and tender nodules on hair-bearing parts of the body, and the most common infectious agent is staf.areus but other bacteria may also be causative.  I may advice do debridement under aseptic environment Amoxicillin clauvlonicacid syrup daily twice Paracetamol syrup daily twice or thrice according to fever Muprocin 0.1%application alternate days head bath

Sclep FOLLICULITIS It's small pustular multiple bumps are Follicular

Amoxyclav,cephalexin or linazolid

Frunculosis Amoxyclav 30mg/kg/day. Atarax drops Mupirocin skin cream locally.

@Dr. Ravindrakumar Wagh -scalp folliculitis



Furunculosis Rx. 1. Cephalexin 50mg per kg in two doses for 10days. 2. Topical mupirocin application twice a day for 10days 3. Pcm 15mg / kg every 6 hrly for fever

Cloxacillin paediatric could be choice of anti biotics in my opinion

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