Multiple small painful ulcers in oral cavity with slightly coated

Multiple small painful ulcers in oral cavity with slightly coated tongue... No fever but very painful.. Spot the Dx n rx..



Apthous stomatitis. Rx topical corticosteroids like triamcinolone (kenacort oral paste) Immunomodulatory agents like amlexanox 0.5% gel Topical Anesthetics to reduce pain Tab B Complex & vitamin C. Avoidance of hot ,spicy food , smoking. In severe cases short course of systemic steroids (prednisoone)

Multiple minute ulcers yellowish floor surrounded by erythema--- aphthus stomatitis Rx steroid cream ( triamcinolone) od/ bd 3 to 5 days Analgesic cream BCOMPLEX tablets Folic acid tab B12 tablets/inj. Riboflavin tab. metrogyl tab.300mg 1tds x 5days

D/d aphthous stomatitis coatng of tongue..unable to maintain hygiene.... Removal of causative factor..topicl aplictn of amlexanox 3 times a day(can also apply gel containing choline salicylate nd lignocaine) ,topicl aplictn of steriod 3 times a day...multivitamin nd hygiene maintainance

The exact cause of this disease is not known. However, there are many factors that are thought to be involved with the development ofapthus ulcer including: Weakened immune system. Stress, sleeplessnes,animia,. B.complex deficiancy, Which causative facter we have to remove?

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Good evening Diagnosis is strictly based on recurrence. If these multiple small ulcers are recurrent and heal at their own in a weeks time then the most probable diagnosis is apthous ulcer commonly called as canker sores Treatment includes multiple things Primarily identifying the predisposing factor or the trigger which can be anything like an allergin, trauma, nutritional deficiency, hormonal or stress Pharmaceutical treatment is topical analgesic and antiseptic or in severe or extreme painfull conditions topical steriods to reduce inflammation. Also put your patient on a multivitamin/ iron nutritional supplement. Thanks

Aphthous ulcer.

Aphthous ulcer... oracep la gel With multivitamins and steroids give good result

Aphthous stomatitis Kenacort paste

Minor aphthous stomatitis. Lexanox gel for topical application, betadine mouthwash. Multi-vitamin supplements to promote healing .

Apthous ulcers .

Apthous ulcer

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