My First Case!

Here is My Case # The patient 45yo/F has Came with the complaints of Pain over the Buttock region while standing for the minimum time and during walking # Her NPS score is 6/10 # Her Past medical History was she met with an bicycle vs motorbike accident before 7 years # Now she is on medication for the pain due to this condition Can we discuss what will be the diagnosis for this complaints?




Listhesis L4/5 L4/5 disc bulge with bilateral neural foraminen narrowing Symptoms suggest radiculopathy Analgesics Muscle relaxants Calcium vitD Gabapentin will help Lumbosacral corset Physiotherapy Consider surgery as the last resort

Thank you so much Doctor!

Lcs? Sciatica? Need more mechanical pain history to diagnose better. Is the buttock pain bilateral? Mri shows l4-l5 disc bulge. Lumbar spine assessment needed

Thank you doctor

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