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My son is having redness as well as dryness from the past 10 days under his lips. Please suggest suitable medication. He is just 10 yrs old.



I agree with Dr Parthasarathi Sahani . It is "lip lockers dermatitis ". The characteristic dryness and rash under the lip is suggestive and if repeated lip locking is present,it is conclusive . Understanding how this condition is produced gives a clue to how to manage the case. The lip area becomes dry either due to atmospheric conditions or repeatedip licking which removes the thin lipid layer that prevents dryness .The dryness so produced itself causes further lip locking and a vicious cycle is setup. The rash is believed to be due to the effect of saliva. So, the first step in treating is to break the habit of liplicking. If there is a compulsive element,,he needs psychological support . It is considered a behavioral problem that may need counseling. In due course py may develop chaffing/cracks in the arrea . D.D is with contact and irritant dermatitis which are identifiable by what is causing them. Perioral dermatitis by presence of papulesin the later. Angular chielitis by absence of involvement of angles of the mouth.

Thank you doctor

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Management.. Use a good lip balm. Share on Pinterest Drying lip balm ingredients can include menthol and camphor. ... Try natural lip remedies. There are several effective natural remedies for chapped lips. ... Exfoliate the lips. ... Drink water. ... Use a humidifier. ... Avoid smoking.

Thank you doctor

? Lip licker's dermatitis

Dx - Lip licker’s dermatitis

This is perioral dermatitis