My uncle is Diabetic ,his HB1AC is 7,please suggest the management and Rx?


Start with Glimperide 2mg / Met 500 BD before meals. Check with glucometer at home weekly.. FBS and PPBS are also important. Proceed accordingly. Check S.Createnine.& Fundus check for safety.

Dont go for strict control of sugar if the patient is old aged/elderly With such HBA1C, most likely PPBS will be deranged, fasting would be normal So avoid using sulphonylureas, instead use DPP 4 or SGLT 2 Inhibitors along with Metformin

How old is he? When was he diagnosed? Any other comorbidities? Assuming denovo T2DM without any other comorbidities, I would screen for presence of microvascular complications. I would start with dietary advice and advice regarding regular physical activity. Consider adding Metformin