Myopic degeneration with posterior staphyloma

37 year old male with c/o blurring of vision in right eye 10days back.with h/o lasix 15years back. Usg s/o posterior styloma with myopic degeneration. Hba1c normal But blood sugar fluctuating some times on higher side sometimes normal. Family Diabetic Bp normal Can it be treated with drugs. Or only sx is treatment of choice. Plz suggest. Or ny good consultant in delhi Ncr



Degenerative myopia also called pathological myopia ,is 7th leading cause of blindness the cause of vision loss is progressive chorioretinal atrophy surrounding previous items of CNV Rt eye is main problem with vision due myopic posterior staphyloma you can do barrack photocagulationin the peripheral equatorial region to prevent retinal detachment There is no medicine to reverse myopic degeneration As Hba1c is normal regularly keep sugar control keeping Hga1c at 6 Lt eye is normal

Thank you sir, Can u suggest ny good opthalmologist in delhi ncr.... And is this emergency..or can wait for a week

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