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Nail bed infection

A 22 years female with pain in finger nail for 2 days. hot pt Appetite-good craving- salty thirst-profuse perspiration-profuse stool-clear urine-clear menses-regular leucorrhea present, corrosive sleep good mind- irritable introverted want company but not consolation please share your views on this case


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Nat mur 200

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Nail bed infection... Go for I and D...once pus removed pain will subside... Give antibiotics and analgesics accordingly

Yes its paronychia

Paronychia Cutis oil or jatyadi oil for local application Cap. Neemgaurd Kaisor guggul and mahamnjithadi kwath for orally

Nail Bed Infection According to Ayurveda we will diagnose this case as Nakha Paka


Paronychia.According to Ayurveda Majha Paka.


आयुर्वेद में इसे नख पाक कहते हैं पुल्टिस बांधने से लाभ होगा योग परिक्षित है

Paronychia Amoxyclave bd, diclofenac bd 3d, fusidic oint la Ask her to avoid being in water works for more hours

Natrum Mur 200 single dose Silicea 30 TDs Hydrastis Q external use BD

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