Name and describe the two major types of ACh receptors?.


There are two types of acetylcholine receptors (AChR) that bind acetylcholine and transmit its signal: muscarinic AChRs and nicotinic AChRs, which are named after the agonists muscarine and nicotine, respectively..

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CONCLUSION. Thanks for the answer. 1.Nicotinic ACh receptor(nAChRs) are located at the skeletal neuromuscular junction, in autonomic ganglia and in the brain.The nAChR at the neuromuscular junction is the major antigenic target in most cases of myasthenisgravis.Mutatoon in Gene's encoding subunits of neuronal nicotinic receptor shave been linked to some inherited frontal lobe epileptics. 2.Muscarinic ACh receptors( mAChRs) are located in parasympathetic sites and in the brain.Modulation of brain AChRs can affect sleep- wake states and modify seizure thresholds.It is the main target of drugs to improve cognitive function in patients with demyelinating illness.

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