National e-ICU on COVID-19 management

Should we use HCQ as prophylaxis in health care workers? Can Ivermectin be used for COVID patients? Read the FAQ’s on COVID-19 from AIIMS e-ICUs

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Very informative curofy news . But Role of HCQ in prophylaxis of health care workers need to be vindicated by randomized controlled trials . Although as a health care professional- I am taking HCQS- as we no other option and we are at risk - considering lot many patients of fever and cough coming in O.P.D

Impressive but utility of various drugs are under scanner when you try hit and trial method,everything looks fine for a short period , Guildlines are impressive and difficulties face by district level are not considered seriously despite of all efforts we are lossing precious life and this red dragon seems to be limitless until we find some permanent treatment or preventive vaccination. Informative and educative updated post.

Thanks Dr Ramesh Yadav.

Impressive covers every thing Rajawadi municipal government ivermectol 12 mg bd they tried with sucess

Very informative

Yes HCQ can be taken ..our hospital DCBH New's. a 200 beded fully covid dedicated hospital..HCQ is using it as a prophylaxis...and all doctors and nursing staff are safe with no I personally feel its a good option


उपयोगी जानकारी हेतु आभार व्यक्त करता हूं।

multiple trials have shown no use of HCQ.

Sorry to say but I still don't appreciative of HCQ and ivermectin suggestions in this..since if we see death cases and their treatment papers u will get a idea..

Useful information

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