Nausea and vomiting since 1 month.

28/y/o female G2P1A0 Chief Complaint Nausea and vomiting since 1 month. Description It aggravates with even minor foul smell or eating any heavy food No medical or surgical history. Temp 98.7°F; HR 88 beats/min; BP 120/80 mm Hg; P/A- Abdomen: soft and non-tender; Pelvic: cervical os closed, no bleeding, 9-week-sized uterus, no adnexal masses or tenderness bilaterally.




Hyperemesis gravidarum for nausea vomiting usually go for somakalpa.

Hyperemesis gravidarum ? Rx Symphoricarpus, Ipecac

Dear Dr.Shruthi Pandey ma'am, Advice for the case. Give Deepan and Pachan Dravyas. In S O S Shunthi churna with honey.

Adv. Urine Pregnancy Test.

Ipecac 200

रोगी गर्भवती तो नही। इस लिए पहले गर्भ टेस्ट कराएं।


Colchicum, ipecac

Advice USG RX Arsenic Album 30 qid

Drakshadi kashayam Bhadradi kashayam tab

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