NCCT brain ...65 OLD MALE..COMPLAINING OF APHASIA ALTERED SENSORIUM...Hypertensive... explain differentials ,diagnosis Nd treatment



altered as in how altered?This is a relatively well defined lesion in left frontotemporal region with mass effect(mild),no midline shift.doesnt look like an infarct.if patient is stable-do MRI.if not atleast a CT Brain with contrast-most likely needs sx-but need the scans

It's wedge shaped,, I don't think there are any differentials,, it's an Infarct in the frontal division of left mca

Left MCA infarct Tuberculoma Neurocysticercosis Left glioma Abscess

hypodense area very sharply circumscribed appear to be due to low grade glioma or very old abscess without any oedema.

HTN LT CEREBRAL INFATCTION ( temporo parital ) With dysphasia & altered sensorium MRi BRAIN & MRA BRAIN LIPIDS RX GLYCEROL PO PPI ANTIBIOTIC Speech therapy Anti platelets after some days

dd. infarction abscess neuro cysticercosis tuberculoma left frontal glioma.

Lacunar infarction

Agree with Dr. Sonal Jain. Left Fronto-Temporal SOL, with surrounding edema and mass effect leading to midline shift.

left MCA infarct , left frontal glioma /abscess

SOL lt. Side brain with pressure effects. Margins are well defined. Give mannitol I/V to reduce pressure effect and go for MRI for definitive diagnosis.

aracnoid cyst

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