need help to complains of burning sensation in the oral cavity since age is 80yrs...what could b the possible reasons...n definitive..all blood investigations are normal...


Anaemia may also a cause of burning sensation.

Oral Candidiasis!!

Only vitamin supplements will be sufficient. Age related neuropathy...nothing else

it can be burning mouth syndrome

1st to know abt habits like tobacco etc if ys then quite, it's also seems to b deficiency of vit.B12

Supplement vitamin B and application of kenacort orapaste. With chlorhexidine mouth wash. Doesn't look anything specific. Tobacco staining present

kenacort can b applied on tongue also??

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better to give pregabalin n methylcobalin caps.

add neurobion forte tab;, kenacort oint and evion cap

multivitamis....and kenacort paste....

yes it must be vit B12 deficiency. chewing almonds can give her relief.

d/d burning mouth syndrome check out salivary flow rate .. iron deficiency? ? medication .. 1.alpha lipoic acid 2.multivitamine 3.antianxiety 4.if u have laser ..LLLT can give immidiate relief

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