need help to complains of burning sensation in the oral cavity since age is 80yrs...what could b the possible reasons...n definitive..all blood investigations are normal...


Supplement vitamin B and application of kenacort orapaste. With chlorhexidine mouth wash. Doesn't look anything specific. Tobacco staining present

kenacort can b applied on tongue also??

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as all the investigation r normal it looks to b abe related mucous mmembrane senile process chamegs which is the cause of burning. if hx of tobacco or snuff -strictly restricted multivitamin with Lycopen vit c if dryness is present and salvation medicine

d/d burning mouth syndrome check out salivary flow rate .. iron deficiency? ? medication .. 1.alpha lipoic acid 2.multivitamine 3.antianxiety 4.if u have laser ..LLLT can give immidiate relief

Oral Candidiasis!!

Only vitamin supplements will be sufficient. Age related neuropathy...nothing else

better to give pregabalin n methylcobalin caps.

add neurobion forte tab;, kenacort oint and evion cap

old people commonly suffer from Vitamin/iron deficiency andGastr Esophageal Reflux

Burning mouthsyndrome Anemia Ointment Moutjwash

nutritional deficiency especially b12 n iron defeciency can cause burning....

1st to know abt habits like tobacco etc if ys then quite, it's also seems to b deficiency of vit.B12

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