neonate one day old difficulty in respiration xray enclosed.



Massive consolidation with pleural effusion lt side

thanks for every one for theirs opinion but after two days when baby come to my opd hr has no symptom but i ask for chrst xray which is nad. previous xray has rotational position .so it is position create confusion this confirmed by radio friend. enclosed xray of same aftrt two days

White out of left hemithorax, Likely Hyaline membrane disease.

Massive consolidation Lt.side with pleural effusion.

Cardiac findings @Dr. Amar Chamaria


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??Mec. Aspiration Pneumonia It.lung.

headline membrane disease white out lung left side

Hyaline membrane disease...... Multiple ground appearance.

LRTI with effusion left side

Sir can you please tell the presenting feature , weight , gestation age , any perinatal event ?????

full term nvd as i get history grunting after birth nothing very specific
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