NEW EDUCATION GUIDELINE 2021* AIM :- TO MAKE INDIA SUPERPOWER OF EDUCATION. CHANGES IN SCHOOL COLLEGE INTRODUCE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ____________________________________ MAJOR CHANGES IN SCHOOL - Universal School Education - Gross enrollment ratio = 100% Till 2030 - Introduction Open Schooling Education - Change in Education Policy 10+2 discarded 5+3+3+4 New System Introduced - 3-6y for Aaganwadi - Vocational Education (After 5th standard) MAJOR CHANGES IN COLLEGE -Under "HIGHER EDUCATION COMMITTION OF INDIA.(Except Medical and Law Education) -3/4Y UG -Gross Enrollment Ratio Should increase upto 50% by 2035 -NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION OTHER MAJOR CHANGES - "PARAKH" - National Assessment Centre For Students -For Education , Upto 6% whole GDP Of India

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