New Guidelines for Home Isolation of Covid-19 patients - Issued on 28th April 2021

New Guidelines by MOHFW Govt of India for Home Isolation of mild and asymptomatic Covid-19 patients. Check who should be home isolated, Instructions, Monitoring chart, Treatment, and when to seek medical attention.



Modified guide lines for self quarantine pts and health care attendant are perfect picturesque and every one should read and follow and advise to pts

Thanx dr Narendra Kumar

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A must read for all those pracitising....

Informative post

Should be in vernacular language . Good information on time updated knowledge sharing with us

Useful information.

Very informative and useful information about COVID -19 care and precautions. Thanks for sharing to us.

People who are asymptomatic and mildly Symptomatic Are serving as silent spreaders This presentation should be shown to everyone

Thanks ji Doctor Saheb for your valuable follow strictly

Systematically presented in a colourful & pictorial formate to understand for all .Neatly illustrated. Thanks for sharing!

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