New onset of seizures in a toddler. CT brain was done. Interpret please.



Rt.temporal hypodensity Possibility of-1)lesion with perilesional oedema (Ncc) 2) INFARCTION presented as a seizure (stroke) Mri brain p+c required

Hypointensity in temporal lobe contrast ct or mri needed for better resolution

CT head s/o hypointense lesion right temporal region with diffuse cerebral edema. D/D - 1. Vasogenic edema sec. to Infective etiology 2. Ribosomal storage disorder ---> new onset seizures in a toddler Invest.- MRI brain with contrast

Hyper dense shadow on rt.froto parietal jn. Maybe infarct

Diffuse cerebral odema?

MRI brain is imaging modality for seizure investigation, to be done.

Focal oedema right temporal lobe. Do CEMRI OR CECT Head.

Haematoma in TEMPORAL lobe

Yes it show only cerebral edema

Appears to be Cerebral edema

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