newborn c consanguinity c previous sibling affected


This case looks like Bart's syndrome. Autosomal dominant disorder Charecterised by localised absence of skin( here over right leg and foot), epidermolysis bullosa, and dystrophic nails and lesions of mouth mucosa.

This is a case of EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA DYSTROPHIC is an A.R. Disorder. Needs conservative & supportive Rx. Prone for : Infections. Dehydration. Injuries leading to bleeding. Child grows up psychological trauma. Rx. Tissue implantation as initial treatment, later on subsequently Skin Grafting.

this is congenital aplasia cutis. Rule out other congenital anomalies.. trisomies.

congenital aplasia cutis with left CTEV

Aplasia cutis (? type VII)

epidermolysis bullosa, or aplsa cutis

large Haemangioma

Aplasia Cutis?

aplasia cutis

looks like aplasia cutis

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