Nice radiology puzzle.. please share your valuable opinion.. DIAGNOSE THE RADIOLOGICAL SIGN & CLINCH THE CLINICAL CONDITION. (Clue is patient is a known case of HIV- AIDS.)

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Markedly swollen basal ganglia and thalamus with ill defined hypointense signal with marked perilesional edema Differentials in decreasing order 1. Toxoplasmosis (most likely) 2. Cryptococcomas 3. Lymphoma (least likely)

Typical Ring enhancing lesion in basal ganglia region on the right side surrounded by notable white matter oedema As HIV positive patient it is classical of TOXOPLASMOSIS

On only one sequence and only one section without history It is not advisable to comment on diagnosis

It was never mentioned patient is hiv positive . This is a t2 image not a contrast image therefore is no contrast or enhancement

Yup it's Cerebral toxoplasmosis..

I agree with Dr P Yograj

In addition to the above, choroid plexus tumour 7s a possibility.

DD includes CNS Lymphoma, PML and Toxoplasmosis. Lesion too big to be called a toxoplasmosis lesion.

Ring enhancing lesion in basal ganglia region in the back ground of AIDS... Likely TOXOPLASMOSIS...

Pml / CNS lymphoma CNS lymphoma more likely as mass effect is seen in it

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