NNondiabetic noncurable foot ulcer from one year. WWhat will you suggest.



Non healing ulcer .Find out the cause. by 1 . Edge biopsy of ulcer to rule out tuberculosis. 2 Colour doppler study of lower limb vessels to rule out DVT or a venous ulcer If cause is not treated recurrence is always. Once all causative factors are taken care of, SKIN GRAFTING is the only treatment

This one is a venous ulcer. Please do a Doppler for varicose veins and to r/o DVT. May need a perforator ligation to handle the varicose veins ( provided there is no DVT) followed by a skin graft. And good after care with compression garments.

since the patient is non diabetic plus it is not curable since one yr.try to investigate the causes.looks like venous ulcer advice doppler usg.Check fr venous insufficiency..check mid thigh perforators n leg. look out fr the cause first n try to eliminate the root cause

Healing tissue are healthy. it is cellulites wth healing stage. dressing wth normal saline+ euosol clean thoroughly. chymotrypsin +trypsin +rutosunide o/e non dm-2 ulcer.

if it is non healing try ayurvedic oil named VRAN ROPAN TAILAM I have practically seen good results of this oil. wound will heal fast.try once

Seems to be a venous ulcer. Get USG Venous Doppler done. It has healthy granulation tissue. Send swab for culture and sensitivity. If infected - then dressing and proper cleaning of ulcer along with lower third of leg. If sterile - Try Collagen granules (Biofill-AB) else Split Skin Grafting. Use skin staplers instead of anchoring sutures to fix the graft.

trophic ulcer. exclude the diabetes. dd ner

Advised skin grafting.

Vacuum assisted closure ( VAC ) dressings if available , otherwise try regen-d , it's epidermal growth factor ointment , if all fail then skin grafting or local rotational flaps

clean surrounding area properly,have a swab for c/ s. antiseptic dressing ,advise pt to keep leg in raised position you can use pentoxiphylline.

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