No pain , no burning sensation , of this swelling. is it epulis doctors. ? rx , dx?



aap rojana subhay k time pest ki jagah apnay hath per 2 gm haldi 5 gm salt 5 drop clove oil ki mix karkay pest karo pora faida hoga 1 tab ciplox 500mg one bd 2 tab ibuprofen one bd 3 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon ate night with warm water

Hello doc.. It is going more in favour of pyogenic granuloma.. The color is pinkish red in color, more tendency to bleed and most important is it is placed in interdental area...U can go ahead with surgical excision and send the specimen to histopathology.. Thank u.. All the best doc..

Thanks doctor.

if the patient can't go for histopath ..then just excise the area and do phase will be effective...and give OHI(oral hygiene instructions) to patient..keep a recall examination

docsaab ..follow the external bevel incision n make sure to maintain the scalloping and sharp margin and do curettage positive bleeding is also there

Hi rutvij how r u?? it's mostly looks like pyogenic granuloma what is the age of ?? it mostly occur in younger age treatment include surgical excision and histopath examination laser also very usefull in this kind of case

Yesss sirji.

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it is oral reactive lesion. Go for surgical excision. If u want conform diagnosis than u should go for histopath examination of excised tissue.

bhavik . is histopathology examination necessary ? ad patient is very poor

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Pyogenic granuloma Biopsy

Pyogenic granuloma. Surgical excision.

Pyogenic granuloma

surgical excision

typical case of pyogenic granuloma...or epulis...

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