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nodule like tender on toungue From 1 Month Painless Sometime Irritation



It's mostly malignancy of the right lateral border of tongue with anterior hemi extension. Plan: incisional biopsy of lesion for confirming malignancy Ct head n neck for ln Mets. Plan : surgery with reconstruction of right hemitongue

It is SCC tongue Need to confirm by biopsy Line of treatment after confirmation

Thanx dr Chaitanya Upadhyay

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It may be case of carcinoma tongue involving tr lateral margin of tongue Examine digitally to look for feel, extension and presence of any neck glands Wedge biopsy to confirm the diagnosis then go for staging by CT of neck and chest with TNM classification Treatment depending on the staging If only neck glands involved no distant metastasis then hemiglossectomy with block dissection of neck followed by radiotherapy or radiotherapy with chemotherapy

Carcinoma of lateral tongue Go for biopsy

Follow up after ruling out biopsy for treatment plans

Patient should be evaluated in the line of Carcinoma tongue, FNAC of nodular swelling for confirmation ,evaluation and needful surgery.

Looks like SCC