Nothing to discuss...I have a few enemies in the circle of doctors...I also have a few friends...This is an original song written by me...Happy friendship day...



Congrats for presenting this this song, so nicely written by you. Awesome, marvellous, jenious. "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY" to all in the Curofian family.

Jellecy is very common in medical field, neglect it. Happy friendship day.

Haha! Good one doc! In the midst of pandemic you came up with something relaxing and entertaining, in a positive way just giving hope that everyone not to panic to all the doctors here! Thankyou

Nice one boss!!! My funda of life is simple... One who talks back of u,is surely behind u. And one who pulls ur leg is definitely below u... So let's feel sad and pray for them...

Happy friendship day! innovative,entertaining poet! keep it up !

You can learn by mistakes of other, you r wise Dr. S. L. Gupta

very beautiful poetry. I didn't know that drs can be poet.

This was awesome and marvellous composition!

Very beautifully written.

Very nice song drBeenish

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