Nothing works better than homeopathy in dental ailments, many of the remedies that may not just alleviate pain but could help save some visits to the dentist too. Here are some of our most valuable, commonly used and time tested dental remedies 1. ARNICA-our leading trauma remedy, Extremely valuable for pain following dental. extraction with ecchymosis, swelling, soreness and bruised sensation. Works best when given at onset. 2.HAMAMELIS - For persistent bleeding and oozing following extraction, Hamamelis 30c and Kali mur 30c given alternately every 10 minutes can stop the bleed in a couple of doses. 3 STAPHYSAGRIA - Intense cutting,lacerative type of pain. Pain is always triggered by some emotional upset especially suppressed anger. For pain in carious teeth in children who suppress their emotions after a scolding. 4 MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS : Marked ulcerative action with affinity for mucous membrane makes it a wonderful remedy for dental caries. Very useful for ulcers on the buccal mucosa due to injury from a malaligned third molar. Putrid foul odour and excess salivation are strong concomitants. 5 HEPAR SULPHURICUM :Useful for peri apical abscess with excruciating pain and extreme sensitiveness to cold, touch. Very useful for aphthous ulcers too.. Always better by warmth. 6 . COFFEA CRUDA : Extreme sensibility of nerves with hypersensitivity to touch, noise, odours. Strong differentiating modality is toothache ameliorated by ice cold drinks 7 BELLADONA : Useful in the first stage of inflammation with redness and tenderness around the teeth snd gums.Toothache is sharp, throbbing amd ameliorated only by clenching the teeth together 8 . SPIGELIA Toothache always aggravated from ice cold drinks and when thinking of the complaint. A wormy child with toothache after eating ice cream, think of Spigelia. 9 PLANTAGO MAJOR : :Excellent remedy for acute pain from infected molar. Nothing seems to relieve it. Severe bruised feeling. Few drops of Plantago Q on a piece of cotton wool applied to the affected tooth can give relief in seconds. 10 CALCAREA FLUORICUM : More for chronic dental issues in children with early caries of teeth with mothers who have been deficient in calcium during pregnancy. Teeth are generally loose and weak, break easily. Also useful for gum boil. 11 HECLA LAVA : Marked action on the jawline and strong affinity for lining of the connective tissue. Useful in exostosis of any kind. Great remedy for gum boil when the pain extends from the jawline to the maxilla. 12. MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM : A great remedy for neuralgic, sharp,shooting pains. Useful for pain during dentition and toothache during pregnancy. Wonderful remedy for pain in the molar during eruption of wisdom tooth. Tearing, digging pain better by moving about and worse by being still. 13. MEZERIUM. One of our best remedies for an acute painful molar , the pain being meddening and intense, worse on slightest touch. Biting the smallest morsel sends the pain shooting upto the temples..Hence an equally precious remedy for trigeminal neuralgia too. 14. CHAMOMILA Toothache with pain which is unbearable and associated with extreme irritability.Shrieking mad with pain and demands immediate relief. Pains always worse at night and worse with touch. Better by cold application. Cross irritable children during dentition, want to be carried. 15. KREOSOTUM A leading remedy in children with painful, difficult dentition, horrible, putrid oral odor and rapidly decaying teeth. - Dr Sujata Naik

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