Nowadays so many patients are coming with mild fever with and without cold and cough. Their bl


Dr.Khare ji,we must have to search the resone for type of fever.In some cases fever becomes life saver & Another side fever can becomes life ending s. Any how in such cases Godanti bsm,Sanjivanivati,Sarevjavarher Loh,Satvgiloy,Mritunjay ras combinations of freely can be very effectively.Ameritarisht will be most helpful.

Actually dr. Sahab main things are left to print . Nowadays patients are complaining only low grade fever (hypoplatetilatimia) ,no others finding in CBC,MP,WIDAL and routine urin test .which you suggest the same combination, I prescribe. Patients relieves after 5 days Thanks for suggestions

Sir not bad result,we may proud that without any side effect,u have the life ,by saving Corona fear.Also saving bill of lakhs rs.of nursing homes. Sir,try to get right & full dose of the med.tnx.good luck.

Thanking you I shall 100%use your prescription in routine practice

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