O/E.....history of tobacco chewer since 20 years n smoking.....Dx.......



Verrucus carcinoma or leukoplakia ....biopsy to decide ...till then start with anti oxidants and stop all bad habits

Leukoplakia Cessation of habits and start with antioxident therapy Biopsy needs to be done

Sir R u sure antioxidants will work? He will buy more tobbaco than lycored tablets.

Leukoplakia Biopsy to be done Cesation of deterious habits Antioxidants to be given

It's leukoplakia ,,biopsy must... associated osf

For me it's leuco and erythroplakia. Separate biopsy from each of these lesions Wait for HPR If severe dysplasia WLE Regular F/U De addiction Removal sharp teeth against ulcers

It's Leukoplakia DD verrucous carcinoma Biopsy should be done Quit Habits Antioxidant

Verrucus ca Leukoplakia Biopsy

Leukoplakia. Biopsy advid

Tobacco pouch keratosis and its chronic condition.


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