A drug originally designed to reduce sensitivity to allergens, it is now prescribed to control severe allergic asthma, which does not respond to high doses of corticosteroids and less widely for chronic spontaneous urticaria. Read on to learn the latest case reports and research on the same.



OMALIZUMAB for parentral use specifically for chr allergic rhinitis or urticaria . Cauiously used as per body eight independent of IgE levels Quite common and precursors 9f chr allergic asthmatics In combination of Mepolizumab for asthmatics Remember not for spasmodic asthmatics it is not helpful So far steroids are concerned not out of line of treatment only decreased doses and early withdrawal is possible with this new regime. Adverse reactions are more or less like allergic symptoms only but some severe and rare cases 9f fractures are reported hence one should keep in mind while using it.

Thanx dr Praveen Yograj

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Omalizumab is definitely showing good results in severe allergic asthma But india is a poor country- at least I cannot prescribe 300 mg every 14 days as cost of 150 mg is 13000 Rupees and 300 mg will cost 26000 Rupees . A poor person cannot afford such costly medicine - these patients we are forced to put on Fexofenadine- montelukast-+ doxophylline along with salmeterol and budesonide inhaler or nebulization .

I agree with you sir so far cost is concerned but look sir we are using Tocizumab costing 55000 per dose Or Remdesivir 5000to 40000 which is now 2600

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I agree with both dr Shivraj Agarwal and Dr Parveen Yograj because I want to convey the same about drug which was discussed in details by my colleagues.

Thanks Dr Parveen Yograj

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I am agree @ Dr.Shivraj Agwarwal Sir ji & Dr. Praveen Yograj Sir Ji....


I am agree with@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir.

Thanx dr


Valuable suggestions thanks

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