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Food allergies after 54 years

One 65 years patient is suffering from so many food allergies, till his 54 years he never suffer with allergies of these foods but after 54 he is allergic to all milk products, tomotos, bananas, redish, pomgrenate, almonds, penuts and products of penuts, patatos,and from all kind of Alcohal, he may be have some other food allergies too , because after utmost care to do not consume allegic foods he have get one tablet levocetrizen daily OD or BD. Please suggest a treatment


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no conclusion found here , still thanks

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Constitutional Homoeopathic treatment can take care of allergies and cure them. When a susceptible person comes in contact with triggers- which may be physical or psychological, the inherent tendency gets activated and the person develops disease. Homoeopath after a thorough case taking will find the cause and the medicine which fits this patient and help him get back to health.

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no conclusion found here , still thanks