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Blepharophimosis with epicanthus inversus? kindly help

One and half year female baby with what seems is blepharophimosis and epicanthus inversus to me. Doesn't seem to have other deformity or developmental delay. Baby is tilting her head backward to see things I noticed. I have met this baby in train I am travelling in now and I am fearing if untreated it might lead to amblyopia in baby. I am no ophthalmologist so I need opinion before I try to counsel them before my journey ends. Kindly suggest your differentials and treatment options and what all should I suggest. Sincerely Thank you

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it seems to be blepharophimosis syndrome

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That cause refractive error of both eyes treatment atropine eyes drops BD and wear eyes patches over the eyes and Other options surgery

it seems to be blepharophimosis syndrome

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