One more CORONA HERO Doctor falls. Dr Laxminarayan Reddy, Ortho Surgeon from Nellore AP unfortunately succumbed to COVID19 today morning at Apollo hospital, Chennai. His paediatrician wife is also Corona positive and is under treatment . RIP Sir



Dr. Abhishek, Very sad to hear his demise .. As Nellorian, I was shocked in this incident. His brother Dr. Govardhan Reddy is very close to me. According to things , he had admitted a patient for a surgery in his newly opened hospital in Nellore on Apr 4. Dr. Reddy was unaware that patient has returned from Delhi after attending Tablighi Jamaat's religious event at Nizamuddin... After he was tested positive for Covid-19, significant delay is said to have occurred in transferring Dr Reddy to the intensive care unit (ICU) in Apollo Hospital in Chennai. After responding well to treatment in the hospital for last five days, Dr.Reddy passed away due to profound hypotension. This is situation happened hear... Even his cremation also had so many hurdles without his family. This is very miserable condition happened here. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE....

Dr Laxminarayan Reddy - our colleague have achieved martyrdom in fight against COVID- 19 .let us pray his soul rest in peace and also pray her pediatrician wife recovers as early as possible from this invisible killer. This again proves the point that as doctors, we should be always very careful and only emergency cases in hospital should be attended and all general O.P.D's should not be started in a haste .Telemedicine is the only option left ..It has been found that despite the best efforts we do as use PPE , still there is no guarantee that you are not affected. This case should be an eye opener to all our medical fraternity. As per the researchers there is apprehension that this corona,virus disease may have recurrences every year with new mutations. We have to change are attitude towards our style of examination of patients May Dr Reddy's soul rest in peace

Really shocking .. He would always remain memorial when ever we duscuss about COVID 19. प्रभु उनकी आत्मा को चीर शांति दे ।


Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

May his soul Rest In Peace

RIP, Hero in the fight against the deadly pestilence . We will continue to fight in his honour and memory .

Very sad news.. May his soul rest in peace

Sad to hear, May his soul RIP.

Rest in peace, sir

Very sad.. May his soul rest in peace.

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