one simple question..... Tea is harmful or good for health...



Tea contains Tannic acid which is responsible for the contraction of intestine. That's why regular and excessive intake of tea causes constipation ,Hyperacidity, Gas formation,Insomnia and hardening of blood vessels thereby increasing the risk of CAD. so avoid its excessive use. Only 1 cup a day is sufficient because when we get tired our muscles are filled with Lactic acid. On taking tea the lactic acid gets neutralised with the tannic acid present in the tea & we feel refreshed and energetic . so take tea in moderation and that's too not to be taken empty stomach.

Nice explanations sir

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Tea kabhi Khali pet nhi peeni chahiye because caffeine stomach ko toxify kr deta h. Consumption me problem aati h.other symptoms as nervousness, sleepless, epigastric, headaches,vomits etc. Green tea should not taken by some person suffering from heart problem.

The substance which change its colour on boiling must be chemically treated. The constitutional contents of tea is tannin Which is Hazardous as it is acidic Itself when it boiled with milk chemical constitution of milk also changes also it reacts with the protein contained in milk So I think tea is harmful for health....

Tea addiction causes anorexia, hyperacidity, dyspepsia, constipation and insomnia. So, अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् .

One another question ? Why tea may use & for what purpose . When Angrej brought this tea Cheska tea was offered free of cost.slowly,habit surround like mosquitos & less or more every tea user is suffering from acidity/ Hyper judge it is harmful or not.better to avoid.

It is quite harmful.Because it contains tannic acid which is astrigent for mucosal lining,caffeine being brain stimulant not reqd.again & again to stimulate your brain unnecessarily.sugar in frequent cups of tea can cause D.mellitus.only milk is beneficial which u can take otherwise also not with tea.Thanks

Sir we can drink black tea or not

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tea is not harmful.. but reheated tea is harmful.. had read in an article. . harmful for blood vessels. .


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Tea leaf is a herb. We use herbs our daily life as spices and vegetables.but It is not a herb like spices and is medicinal herb that has some medicinal properties.So drinking Tea or black tea ( kwath/decoction of tea herb in milk or without milk) daily many times is very harmful.only sometimes as a medicinal purpose or for relieving tiredness it may help . It excites muscles,nerves, brain and daily many times excitement to nerves, brain and muscles is not good in my opinion. It spoils the function of intestine thus affecting absorption of good part of food, it causes many problems in body.So I think should be avoided.if anybody simply takes a useful herb's decoction daily and many times even tulsi leaves decoction will It be useful? definitely not.

Tea also contains theophylline which is bronchodilator may be beneficial in asthema cases but normal persons do not require it.

Thanks to all for the pleasant discussion... Tea is always better option for me in morning ... Wo kahte hai na subah me chai nahi pi to din adhura sa lagta hai

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