Operated on a lymphangioma of level 2 neck Here is a picture of the field after removal of mass Identify the structures?

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From top to bottom 1. Hypoglossal nerve crossing the carotid 2. The carotid 3. IJV 4. Accesory nerve placed obliquely Level 2a 2b dissection for lymphangioma placed between can 11 & 12

Sternomostoid retracted .Inferir belly of omohyid Vagus nerve. Internal jugular vein. External carotid artery.

Hypoglossal nerve between the bifurcation of carotid

Sternomastoid retracted . Inferior belly of omohyoid Vagus nerve Internal jugular vein External carotid artery

External carotid A. and jugular vein

It is the left side.Sternomastoid is pulled posteriorly, Ext. Carotid with a branch.

Facial nerve

Not really

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