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Oral cancer is a major public health problem in India. It is one of the top three types of cancer in the country. Increase in incidence can be attributed to aging population along with regional differences due to prevalence of specific risk factors. The low-income groups in India are affected most due to risk factors such as tobacco chewing and insufficient exposure to screening resulting in a delay in reporting of oral cancer.




Very informative post with well explained by Medi Insights with increasing frequency of oral cancer in smoking & alchohalic person

1. Bad oral hygiene. Usually a painless lesion. Oral addiction is enjoyed more in groups hence new entries are common. Children are made live while earning something and lured to addiction. Lack of community awareness programmes.

An important and valuable information. Thanks@Medi- Insights

Nice informative post Doctor

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Nice post..apart from tobacco..alcohol also causes oral cancer ..alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde by liver cells which is sufficient for producing oral cancer

Awareness is Very important thing So this is a very very good information Thank you so much Curofy Doctors

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