Oral Ulcers

23 years old/male complaint of oral ulcer since 6-8 days C/o-burning and pain while eating aggravation- spicy things amelioration- cold things appetite, thirst, urine, stool- normal desire- spicy food but cannot eat aversion- sweets thermals- hot Given merc. sol with no relief suggest medicine doctors




Tnx Dr Sanjay Rana

आयुर्वेद में इसे मुख पाक कहते हैं। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,, यूकेलिप्टस आयल 5 ग्राम, लौंग का तेल 5 ग्राम, चंन्दन का तेल 5 ग्राम लेकर आपस में मिलाकर सुबह-शाम मुंह में लगाएं। खदिरादि वटी 2 सुबह शाम जल से सेवन कराएं। त्रिफला चूर्ण 10 ग्राम रात को सोते समय दूध के साथ दे। योग परिक्षित है। पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

Very young age... wanting spicy...mean s... wanting to be happy....what are parents doing....the child at this age should be happy.. wisely... parents should guide the child properly...no spices at all...all bland food...no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages... only cool foods... muskmelon...milk...butnot too much otherwise constipation....too much garlic also leads to such a stage....no icecream....chia seeds thrice a day.... prayers...home atmosphere should be happy...thechild should want tobe with home people...he should be understood....too much spicy means too much heat...anger.....needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice orange juice mint leaves...cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval....no fridge things..... cherries berries apricots carrots pomegranates sunshine walk ....under strict supervision of Doctor

Dear Dr. Vivek Jain Sir, Advice for the case. Gargle with Shuddha gairik Churna with water.

Thanks @Dr. Sanjay

STOMATITIS trifla kashaya,swarn makshik wid madhu..and mild virecan is necessary

Before meal gargle with sucraday o /Active Antacid-- easy to eat Turmeric +honey paint in buccal cavity and tongue 3-4 times a day Avipattikar churn 3gram at night

Stomatitis. OraSore ointment, multivitamins, triphala churna, gargles leukewarm water.swarn makshik bhasm..

Rx Borax

If indicate think about borax

Merc sol 200

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