Orthostatic Hypotension

Orthostatic Hypotension. Chief Complaints A 75 yr old female attended opd C/O of two episodes of Dizziness with fall while getting up from bed since 3 days. No associated LOC, vomiting, slurring of speech, limb weakness, Tinnitus, palpitation, chest pain, Diaphoresis, convulsion, fever,tremor, memory loss, headache, loose stooletc. No H/O HTN, T2DM, Thyroid disorder, Substance abuse. Normal General Examination and systemic Examination except - Supine BP 190/80 mmhg Standing BP 140/80 mmhg after 3 mins. Pt also experienced Dizziness while getting up from supine position. No Nystagmus seen. Past H/O stroke 12 yrs back, no residual weakness at present. https://youtu.be/EB2uRZW4CFE target="_blank">https://youtu.be/EB2uRZW4CFE Diagnosis https://youtu.be/EB2uRZW4CFE



Orthostatic hypertension is a physical finding, defind by American Autonomic Socity and America Academy of Neurology as a systolic bloid pressure decreases of at least 20 mmhg or a diastolic blood pressure decrease of at least 20 mm Hg with in 3 minutes of standing. As per the definition ,with the recording with in 3 mts, the Pt is having Orthostatic hypotension.Look for the cause .

Mam Please elaborate on treatment in this case.Should antihypertensives be used?Is fludrocortisone necessary?Thank you

BP levels go in favour of Orthostatic Hypotension. Tilt table test may be useful for further clarification... Newer drug is now available for management ...

Please elaborate on treatment

? Epilepsy Ad EEG CT scan brain After results of reports start treatment

What about murmers?

Patient is on any diuretic drug?

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