Osteo Arthritis differential diagnosis

A 56-year-old woman was presented with a 3-day history of gradually worsening pain and swelling in her left knee. She denies injury, fever, or other complaints. She has never experienced this type of pain before, and she states that she is fairly active.



Erroions on tibial lateral condyle and lateral condyle of femur with decreased space in lateral compartment ?calcified cruciate ligaments It is a C/O OSTEOARTHRITIS Rx conservative strengthening of knee muscles by exercises and physiotherapy NSAIDs Nutritional supplements Avoiding cross legs sitting on floors Careful on stair case when climbing Still surgery is not a option Maximum artherscopy may advisable

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Osteoarthritis Local support. Change in life style. Weight reduction. PCM ibu TDS. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Calcitriol D3 sachet biweekly.

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From history look like acute exacerbation of OA Rule out inflammatory arthritis and sepsis CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp Usg evaluation Synovial fluid gram stain and culture Or give symptomatic treatment and wait for few days for full work up Xray show OA changes Need lateral view

Osteo Arthritis

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Case of osteoarthritis

Osteolytic lesion lt lower condylar region osteophytes or bony fragments in mid condylar region do MRI for detail diagnosis

Osteophytes with medial compartment osteoarthritis Do BMD to r/0 osteoporosis

Osteoarthris changes.

acute swelling and pain in the joint ...suggestive of arthritis differentials go this way....inflamatory - infective - degenerative for differentiating go with following investigations CBC ..see for raise in wbc&neuteophils ...suggestive of infection esr& crp ..raised in infection and active inflamation...this will help u to see the severity of on going inflamation sr.uric acid after the above go with joint aspiration and send for synovial fluid analysis and c/s ...if u see raised wbc and neuteophils... if no singnificantraise in counts but crp raised goi with RA factor and Anti CCP &ANA if all the above are silent then its degenerative go with ice rest analgesics and sos aspiration and steriod injection

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