Osteoarthritis Management - A Short Summary

There is no treatment to prevent the development of osteoarthritis, or cure it once it has set in. Therefore, treatment is aimed at reducing pain, minimizing joint damage, and improving or maintaining function and quality of life. Share and discuss your thought..



Nice update and explained by DR Mani. Physiotherapy. Change in life style. Can avoid the condition or delay but lack of awareness and taking no preventive measures set in the disease which is presently incurable and one live with it few painkillers and vit D slightly make life slightly better but deformity and pain makes life measurable.

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In my thinking and understanding OA is very debilitating disease. Most of us share this common problem after 50 or 60 years of age. There is no treatment for this because this is not a pathology which we can correct. It is faulty way of living our whole life including doctors those who know what should be done. Regular moderate to strenuous exercise is must for all. In beginning it harts more but with practice you get used to it(exercise). Calcium, vit d supplement and glucosamine related compounds should be prescribed to the pts. Calcium should be given in natural way like consuming diary product more, almond,. If you are giving calcium in tablet form than discontinue them for some time than give again but not over the period of 3 month. Calcium can trigger stone formation and athroma calcification in coronary vessels.@Dr. Ankeeta Shelke

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Yes, Ofcourse! OA is a age related disease. Usually what happens in the joints is wearing down of the protective tissues at the ends of the bones(Cartilage). It occurs gradually and worsens over time. Diagnosis is made by X ray and MRI scan of the affected joints. On X-rays images of Cartilage is not seen but cartilage loss is revealed by a narrowing of the space between the bones in your joint. An X-ray can also show bone spurs around a joint. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An MRI can produce detailed images of bone and soft tissues, including cartilage. An MRI isn't commonly needed to diagnose osteoarthritis but can help provide more information in complex cases. Blood test can be done to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and fluid analysis of the joint to rule out any other cause of infection. Treatment is done commonly with supportive measures including... Pain relief, Hot or cold fomentation, Physical exercise, Occupational therapy and Surgically local corticosteroid injections, lubrication injections(hyaluronic acid), realignment of bones and joint replacement therapy is performed. As Hippocrates is said.. When we comfort a patient, we may be doing more than consoling him or her.



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Loose weight Avoid stairs Avoid hard work Calcium and Vit D meds Add bone soup im diet

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