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osteogenesis imperfecta

8 years girl with recurrent history of fracture of femur but 1 year back got left femur fracture but 3 months back got rt femur shaft fracture with malunion as of today osteopath the attempt of reduction of deformity the distal femur fracture occured as sclera is also blue and suspecting osteogenesis imperfecta and the question is how to manage further?


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Osteogenesis imperfecta Retinal detachment

Likely to be osteogenesis imperfecta Left femur look okay Right need correction Intramedullary nailing Osteotomy as needed to make femur straight and pass the nail Nails that lengthen by telescoping an option in growing age Orelse change nail as child grow This look like a milder case It will normalise when growth is completed Till then prevent deformities

Epiphysis not disturbed

This was incision even malunion also osteoclasis done

This what we have fixed with philos plate

Brittle bone disease/Osteogenesis imperfecta. Eyes sclera involvement is a typical characteristics. *bone density should be optimized with dietary supplements * surgical procedures should be decided by orthopedic surgeon (I'M nailing/external fixators) * orthosis/brace for supporting the weak and prone to injury parts * ophthalmologist consultation for eye problems. * Regular checkup of other vital organs' involvement.


This kids are prone to get fractures with trivial injury. Bone are brittle. This is called osteogenesis Imperfecta . This patient needs telescopic intramedullary rod surgery .Boiphosphonates are must with calcium and vitamin D3 suppliments .


Osteoporosis Imperfecta with involvement of eyes Corneal disorder, retinal detachment, optic neuropathy, glaucoma with blue eyes Genetic disorder, autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance Refer to Orthopedic surgeon & eye surgeon

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Most likely osteogenesis perfecta type III. It appears the proximal femur fracture has malunited and distal femur has gone non union. You can opt for corrective osteomy of the proximal femur and treating distal femur non union with telescopic intramedullary rod. Biphosphonated therapy is essential to prevent future fractures.

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