Pain in legs

33/y/o female with pain in legs during menses since 2 months. Pain in is of spasmodic type and starts from thighs & radiates down to toes Menstrual History cycle- normal Bleeding- 3-4 days Clots- ++, dark red, No other complaint Appeitite- reduced Thirst- normal Prakriti pitta Agni mandya




Dear Dr. Ramesh Bhat Sir, Advice for the case. Tab. Kanyalohadi Vati 1 tds. Kumari Asava 20 ml BD after meal. Tab. Maha Vat Vidhvansak Ras 1 BD.

Thank you @Dr. Ramde B. Gojiya Sir.

Any h/o dysmenorrhea? Other premenstrual symptoms? Under any modern medications?

Fluoxentine tablet , this group (ssir)

रोगी की अल्ट्रासाऊड कराएं।ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके।

PMS(PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME) SY. LIV52 10ML BDAC X 2MONTH. SY. EVECARE 10 ML BDPC X 3MONTH. CAP EVION 400(Vit.-E) 1cap. OD at bed time. With multivitamin minerals and Iron based dietary supplements essential for the patient.

1. Tablet vitamin E 3month use 2. Tablet calcimax OD one month 3. Tablet fluoxentine BD one month 4. Cap A to Z OD one month

Ramesh Bhat ji मरीज को लगातार तीन माह तक Tab Alose Compound 2. 2. गोली दे Sry. M2 Tone 2. Tsf TDs दे ।

Saptasara kashayam Hinguvachdi gutika Ashokaristam+ Kumaryasavam Sahacharadi thailam external application

Suggest blood calcium level test Multi vit. Improve diet

1. Syp - M2 tone 2. Chandraprabha vati 3. Kanchanara guggulu

Adv some needful investigation like CBC. B.sugar.

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